About Loading Dock Equipments

Loading dock is an area where the loading and unloading of trucks take place. Since it’s a tedious task, there are many types of equipment available to facilitate the whole process. The equipment, when used, makes it easier for the material to be handled and so, they are in great demand now days. loading dock equipment includes, bumpers, dock lifts, dock levellers, dock lights, dock seals etc. All these equipments help the trucks to unload their material in one way or the other and that too safely and without any damage. With the advancement in the technology, the loading equipments have also been altered for the better results. Some of them are mentioned below:

-Ultra wall protector: as the name suggests, it has been implied to protect the walls of the docks from the heavy machinery. It is made up of polyethylene which is strong and a durable material. Similarly, there is ultra corner protector which is of a different shape but is made up of same material. Pipe drip diverter: the pipes are liable to leakage and in case they are holding some harmful chemical, it can damage the machinery around. For that matter, pipe drip diverters are attached which keep the fluids away and thus protect the docks. They have a good capacity and come with inbuilt hooks to be attached according to the need. Visit read here for more details.

-Jack: there are mainly two types of jack available in order to level the trailers in case the ground is uneven. They are heavy duty trailer jack and economy trailer jack. Both are made up of heavy steel in order to lift heavy trailers. The specifications of both these jacks are as per their functions. Then the dock equipment includes dock lights which enable the workers to work at any time of the day since they efficiently act as the source of light even during night hours.

There are different types of GFCI cords available and these days they have started to come with attachable plugs to make them more convenient for use. These cords are waterproof, thus provide protection from the ground faults and wherever electrical equipment is being used. This makes their use extensive. I beam protectors and post protectors are also available which protect against dents, scratches, pallet jacks etc.

All these equipments are manufactured in bright yellow colour so that they can be easily visible and thus increase the safety of the docks.