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Part 1: Asking for Help:

Recovery from a life threatening disease such as addiction requires a balanced approach of the mind, body and spirit. In the following series of articles, I am going to examine the physical fitness (body) component of a comprehensive recovery program.Do you want to learn more? Visit Amethyst Recovery Center

In the following example, it should be noted that the recovering person has medical clearance from his health professionals and is prepared to embark upon his recovery journey.

Charlie is a retired 63 year old man who has spent three months in a chemical dependency centre and another two months in a half-way house. He is recovering from serious alcohol and drug abuse issues and has five months of sobriety. He is regularly attending AA and aftercare meetings and has the support of his family, friends, employer and counselors. He has suffered two heart attacks in the last two years and is 50 pounds overweight. He gets out of breath easily and finds walking exceedingly painful because of an ongoing low back condition.

Charlie’s big dream is to once again be able to play with his two adorable grandchildren. Each time he visit them, it takes him several days to recover from the ordeal.

How does Charlie overcome these physical challenges to achieve his burning desire? How does he attain an ideal body weight when he finds it difficult to walk? How can he improve his overall physical health and find relief from his debilitating low back problem?

It is rather apparent that he requires professional help to facilitate the recovery progress and to ultimately achieve his goal. With such an imposing list of physical restrictions and challenges, who does he ask for help?
With the help of his sponsor, Charlie made a list of several professionals who he believed would be capable of helping him return to his desired state of health. His list included:

Medical Doctor


Physical Therapist



Personal Fitness Trainer

Holistic Healer

This list could be easily expanded to include 20 or more health professionals. The major point Charlie has learned is that there are many health care professionals who can help. He is not limiting himself to merely what his insurance covers. Any treatment that helps him recover from a life threatening illness is well worth the out of pocket expense!

Another important factor to consider is the time element. How long will it take him to get the desired results? Or at the very least, what is the best estimate? Does he need any special equipment or facilities? Swimming may be a great idea, but not when the nearest pool is 100 miles away.

Charlie decided to consult a chiropractor for the following reason. “If I can get my low back problem cleared up then maybe I’ll be able to exercise again. The chiropractor said I should see results in 6 to 8 weeks. If he can’t help me, he’ll send me to somebody who can. When I’m ready, he’s going to send me to a personal fitness trainer. I really like it when the professionals cooperate with one another.”

In the above example, Charlie has made a great start to his recovery program by asking for help. He has found a professional to help restore the structure and function of his physical body. Once he is able to move his body through a pain free range of motion, he will be in a much better position to start an appropriate fitness program.

Stay tuned for part two, when Charlie is going to learn the significance of flexibility and balance in his return to health and fitness.

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