Curtain Tracks Ideal For Bay Windows

Bay windows are magnificent features for homes and business establishments, as they let in a tremendous amount of light, whilst also increasing the square footage in a room or providing a quirky window seat. The oval windows date back to the early English Renaissance, where they were created for bay rooms situated at the far end of halls in castles and mansions. Their popularity increased throughout Victorian and Edwardian periods and bay windows are still popular features in homes today for their character and charm.

Finding a curtain track, pole or rail for a bay window is a difficult task. Although, these windows have been around for centuries, many modern curtain accessories are designed to suit newly built homes, which generally feature small, rectangular shaped windows. Many of these tracks and poles can be bent to fit the oval shape of a bay window. However, the modern designs often look out of place against the traditional style of a bay window frame.By clicking here we get tips on getting a large window installed.

Fortunately, there are a select few companies who offer curtain tracks, rails and poles specially designed to suit the style of bay windows. Metropolitan metal curtain poles for bay windows are fitted with gliders. This combines the effective operating technique of a track with the traditional look of a pole. The metropolitan pole is ideal for closing and opening heavy curtains with ease.

Uncorded metal curtain poles with rings are also designed for bay windows. These are created in a traditional style with rings, which often suits the character and charm of Victorian and Edwardian style bay windows. These poles also come in a wide range of colours and styles, allowing you to choose a design that suits your home interior.

For added style you can also purchase a range of decorative accessories, adding a touch of personality to your pole. Finials can be fitted on each end of the curtain pole and can either be a subtle accessory, which softens the look of a heavy rail or a brightly coloured design which stands out, creating a real fashion statement. Midials follow a similar concept but can be fitted anywhere along the curtain pole.

For adding a security feature to your home you can also now purchase electric curtain tracks for bay windows. Timer and light activated systems enable your curtains to open and close when you are not home, perfect for deterring buglers when you are on holiday. Don”t ruin your bay windows appearance with modern, unsightly tracks. Keep the character and charm with bay window curtain poles.