Find Best Tennis Strings TV Guide

The quality of the strings on your racket matters, so make sure that you use this tennis strings guide to help you choose the right one. Technically, tennis strings are available with varying thickness that you can tell from their decreasing gauge youll find the best tennis TV guide offers excellent info on this.

Reading the gauge

The 15-gauge thickness is the thickest string available, which is around 1.41mm to 1.49mm thick. There is also the thinnest string with a Gauge 19 that measures 1mm to 1.1mm. Every gauge also comes with thinner varieties that are determined from the L that is indicated along with it, which means “light”. A higher gauge is generally thinner and it offers more feel and power, while lower gauge offers durability. Intermediate or beginner rackets are better with 15-Gauge strings while professionals can use 16 to 18 Gauges.

Types of strings based on material

A tennis string guide can classify the types of strings based on their material or construction. In terms of material, tennis strings can be nylon, natural gut, Kevlar, and polyester:

Nylon: fairly affordable and suitable for recreational or casual players.

Natural gut: the most expensive that is constructed from animal intestines. These strings are best for touring professionals but they can easily deteriorate with humidity and water.

Kevlar: durable and stiff but are strung with less 10% tension to compensate for the latter trait.

Polyester: durable compared to natural gut but have lower performance, and less power and feel.


A tennis string guide can also classify the strings according to how they are constructed:

Mono: has surface coatings for durability and are made of single solid fibers.

Ribbon: similar to natural gut but uses ribbons

Multifilament: uses several string materials with polyurethane for impregnation.

CWW: 2 layers of filament with a solid core

CW: and has a solid core with thin filaments and used in tournaments.

Durability and playability

The packages of tennis string usually have durability and playability ratings so make sure to look out for these details and choose one with a suitable balance between these qualities.

Important information

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