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One of the most exciting things about summer is preparing delicious barbeques and burgers through the grill. Nonetheless, there’s nothing else as bad as starting a grill that won’t light, smokes too much, or worse, cooks unevenly. Grease, sauces, and marinades affect the quality of gas burners, whereas corrosive properties of charcoal affect the quality of charcoal grills eventually. Regular, thorough cleaning lets you prevent rusting issues and other grilling problems early on. Get the facts about  Grill Store Dallas in Flower Mound

Here are some practical tips to properly maintain your grill:

1.Clean the grill thoroughly and “Burn Off” the grease Initially, you need to clean the burner and the pipes. Make sure that the propane tank is turned off. Disassemble the briquettes, cooking grates, gas tubes, and burner. Clean the tubes with soapy, warm water, then wipe it dry. For the burner, make use of a damp cloth to wipe it clean.

Next step is to clean the grill. Before you do this, make sure to cover the gas valves with aluminum foil to prevent rust on the connections. Then, was the outer and inner part of the grill using a stiff-wire, long handled grill brush soaked in soapy, warm water. After this, rinse the grill thoroughly, wipe dry with a towel, then re-assemble the parts altogether.

It is also important to “burn off” the grease. Grease usually covers the cooking grates due to heat from briquettes, during cookout sessions. To do this, simply flip the briquettes over, close the cover, then heat the grill to High for approximately 15 minutes.

After that, clean the cooking grates and keep a stock of fuel for future use.

2.Keep grease and “sticking” food from accumulating while cooking

To keep food from sticking, lightly coat the grate with oil or cooking spray before starting the grill. Right after cooking, scrub standard grates using a ball of heavy-duty aluminum foil of wire brush. For stainless steel grates, make use of brass wire brushes. Once the grill is already cool, wipe the spills up with a damp paper towel. Put a water-repellent cover on your grill after each use, since any form of moisture such as grease and salt increase chances of rust formation.

Always keep in mind that grills are easiest to clean while they are still warm.

3.Clean the grill and store properly for next season’s use.

After-care is just as important as setting-up, in order to preserve the quality and functionality of your grill. Just like step 1, “burn off” the grease, wipe the cooking grates clean, and wash the tubes and burner. After that, clean the grill, and re-assemble the parts, pretty much the same way as when you cleaned it prior to use.

Storage is another important consideration. You may store your grill outside or inside your home. Should you want it outdoors, make sure to protect its outer covering using a vinyl cover, and then keep the propane tank connected. On the other hand, if you decide to keep in indoors, remove the tank and keep it outside, standing upright. Store the tank in a shaded area, away from furnace vents or dryer.

Grill maintenance is important so it can last long. Likewise, observance of safety precautions is equally significant so you and your family can optimize the summer with those delicious grilled food. Make sure to open the cover prior to starting your gas grill.

Always keep your grill at least 10 feet away from your home and any other flammable stuff. Do not ever fire up your grill in an enclosed area.

If you do not have charcoal lighter fluid, do not substitute kerosene or gasoline. Also, never add lighter fluid to make heating faster.

With these practical ways of maintaining your grill, while keeping safe at the same time, you can be rest assured that you and your family will have a great summer cookout.