How To Train Your Dog-Some Insights

A dog is often bought to cuddle and play with rather than to build a long-lasting trust and love relationship from a faithful friend. The full commitment and amount of work required in keeping a dog is often not realised and even pets in so-called ‘good homes’ are deprived in some areas of their wellbeing. They are fed, stroked, given a comfortable bed with toys and taken for walks, but that is not all there is to it.

In order to train a dog so that it is always obedient, reliable and yet a loving faithful friend, always remember that although it is domesticated a dog is still a pack animal and will respond as such. Watch the wild wolves. The alpha animal disciplines the others, feeds first and then affection and play follow. So it must be with us and our pet. Human first, whether it is adult or child, then discipline and obedience, then food and finally affection. It is easy to forget this order as it demands time and effort, but vital in order to gain trust and obedience from your dog. A dog does not love like we do but shows respect.a fantastic read about

Train your dog from the very first moment you meet to be obedient and understand the word ‘No’. This is a daily event where consistency is important. Take your dog to good training classes where the owner is trained as much as the dog. When your pet learns a lesson, reward it with a treat or a cuddle and kind, firm words. Never get angry with your pet as it doesn’t understand that emotion. A firm ‘no’ and making the animal sit at your feet is better. Never apply violence as this will build fear into your dog, which could result in it behaving the same way towards you and others. Never treat your dog like a human being, expecting it to it feel, think and react like you do. A dog lives in the here and now and just as in the pack scenario, must know its place. Little things like following you, not leading through a doorway, leaving its food when you say and coming to your call, all help with it learning respect.