Importance Of Career Coach

Attending career seminars and having a career coach are two different things. Seminars give you a chance to learn new things and meet new people. Seminars although do not provide you with what a career coach can give you. Now this article of mine does not have anything against seminars, in fact I love attending them, but without a career coach no one holds you accountable to the change you intend for yourself. On your own, are you able to accomplish the things you have set out to do? If not then finding a good career coach to help you is a great thing to start more

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There are people who just love attending seminars and every chance they get they attend one. They spend every extra dollar they have on seminars believing that this seminar will be the one that will help them achieve the success they are aiming for. With each seminar they attend their hopes are raised. The seminars are able to widen their knowledge and teach them many things but are they able to apply what they have learned? Sadly, they aren’t. Their problem is, because they return to the same environment they belong to and spend time with the same people they usually do then they return to their same habits and return to their comfort zone.

Yes, they have more insight and knowledge but without a career coach they rarely hold themselves accountable for the goals they want to accomplish. Let us take a drug addict as an example. The drug addict enters rehab to help him with his condition but unless he changes his environment, hangs out with different people and receives continuous coaching then most likely he will return to his drug addiction. This is what happens to us if we only attend seminars. Having a career coach will help us find the path that will lead us to accomplishing our goals.

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A career coach can provide us with the fun and exciting activities a seminar can provide us, and more. A career coach can help us create a new environment, help us determine our goals, help us develop strategies to accomplish them and help us become accountable for the actions that will bring us to achieve these goals. With the knowledge, support and structure to implement change in our lives we are sure to be well on our way to the success we all long for.