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Important Information About Patient Recruitment

Individual sites are not the only organizations that conduct recruitment, however. Clinical research organizations (CROs) are responsible for the recruitment efforts of multiple sites, exponentially increasing the difficulty of successfully recruiting volunteers and getting them enrolled in studies. An experienced patient recruitment agency can help a CRO accomplish the goals of all of the various recruitment campaigns it is managing at any given time.Have a look at Patient Recruitment for more info on this.

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A clinical trials recruitment agency with an experienced staff is able to coordinate different campaigns in different areas of the country on behalf of a CRO. Effectively managing this activity requires years of experience within the clinical research field, as well as a thorough knowledge of the workings of the postal system. While moving direct mail materials from the design phase through printing, sorting, and mailing, the CRO can not afford delays caused by the patient recruitment agency’s unfamiliarity with the system.


A CRO should choose to work with a clinical trials recruitment agency that understands and can fulfill the complicated timing needs associated with conducting multiple recruitment efforts at once. The CRO may want to reach several markets in different areas of the country with similar mailers at the same time, a goal that takes careful coordination and a staggered mailing schedule.

In other cases, it may be preferable to have recruitment efforts staged so that the CRO’s call center is not overloaded with responses to different campaigns at the same time. In those situations, the patient recruitment agency should be able to set up a mailing schedule and fulfill it without any trouble or delays.

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Following Up

One important offering that a clinical trials recruitment agency should have is a variety of mailer formats for recruitment follow-up efforts. Research clearly shows that reminders sent after the initial flyers yield great results, as recipients get another chance to respond before the volunteer deadline for a study. Unfortunately, individual sites usually have budget constraints that prevent them from taking advantage of this tool. For a CRO, however, follow-up mailings are highly effective. A good patient recruitment agency can create a privacy envelope, postcard, oversized flyer, or other type of mailer that shares the original recruitment mailer’s design but gets attention in its own way.

With far more concerns than the average individual research site, a CRO can use the assistance of a fully equipped, highly skilled clinical trials recruitment agency. The more smoothly and coordinated the overall network of recruitment campaigns is, the easier it is for each site in the group to be staffed with great volunteers.