Joint Replacement Surgery- Benefits

Joint is a connection in the body where two bones are connected. It comes under musculoskeletal system. This system provides support to the body. In addition to that, they give form, support and stability. Activities like walking, jogging, running etc. is maintained by this system. Bones of cartilage, skeletons, tendons, ligaments etc. make up this system. There are some diseases and disorders which cause problems in our musculoskeletal system. The branch of medicine which deals with the study, diagnosis and treatment of these conditions is known as orthopedics. There are many conservative treatment options present but when they don’t help, surgery is carried out.see this here

First and the most common symptom of joint diseases is pain. Some of the common reasons of pain are as follows –

-Physical injury caused due to direct blow to the bones is the most common reason. It can occur at any stage and to any individual. It can be in the form of vehicular accidents, body fracture or contact sports injury. Bones are held together by ligaments which are most commonly injured.

-Osteoarthritis is a form of arthritis which is common in old age. It is a wear and tear degenerative joint disease in which the joints get damaged with age.

-Two more forms of arthritis affects the working – rheumatoid arthritis and gout. The former one is an autoimmune illness affecting the body’s immune system whereas in gout, uric acid precipitate out of the blood and tend to settle in joints and other tissues.

-Some of the other uncommon and rarely seen reasons are joint infections, lyme disease, gonorrhea, bon tumor etc.

There are several conservative treatments given in case of joint damage. One of the simplest methods is Epsom salt which lowers the inflammation and relaxes the tensed areas. Other approaches include hot and cold packs, movement of joint and exercises, diet modifications etc. But when none of them works, there is need of surgery.

There are various benefits of surgery. Some of them are given below –

-Getting rid of pain is the first and most important aim of the surgery. The pain which happens is excruciating.

-The working of joints becomes better. If they have become highly damaged, then the function of walking can be difficult. There will be problem in even lying down. With the help of surgery, there will be improved work of the body parts.

-The benefits of replacement surgery are long term. These lasts for more than 15 years on an average in case of hip replacement whereas knee ones can last for more than 20 years.

-Patients who have this surgery are 40 percent less likely to experience heart attack or stroke.

Some of the common replacement surgeries are as follows –

-Knee Replacement

It is the surgical procedure in which weight bearing surfaces of the knee are replaced with the help of an artificial material. These weight bearing surfaces helps in the movement of the body. It is recommended to individuals who have suffered severe destruction of knee joint which leads to pain and impaired function. There are several methods to replace it and one of the most preferred in today’s time is arthroscopy which is a minimally invasive procedure.

-Hip Replacement

The surgical procedure to replace diseases cartilage and bone of the hip joint is known as hip replacement. The replacement of the ball and socket joint is done with the help of metal and ceramic ball. This ball is inserted into the femur bone. It is most commonly done for patients who are suffering from hip arthritis.

-Shoulder Replacement

It is the third most common joint replacement procedure which is done to replace the damaged part of the upper arm with the help of a metal prosthesis. Shoulder fractures and arthritis is solved with this procedure.