Prevent Bed Bugs from Spreading

Most of us are already fed up of how traditional pest control solutions make a bad situation worse because of their use of harmful chemicals that are probably worse than the harmful effects of bed bugs themselves. Well, both are unenviable.

For those of you suffering from a bad bed bug infestation on your home or workspace, you could try Eucoclean’s range of 100% pest control products that will effectively knock out bed bugs, insects, and other germs from your living space.Click EZBBENYC | EZ Bed Bug Exterminator NYC | Bed Bug Chemical Treatments.

Safe and effective

With Eucoclean and its range of bed bug removal sprays and wipes, you never have to worry about harming your health or that of your loved ones, ever again. With a trademarked formula that uses 100% natural and environmentally safe ingredients, Eucoclean’s products are the only products in the market that have been developed with both the user and environmental well-being in mind.

Eucoclean’s award-winning formula has been developed so as to harness the obvious benefits of eucalyptus-oil extracts that are combined with other natural ingredients, to create quality products for everyday use.

A cleaning solution so pure, you could drink it!

Eucoclean’s 3-in-1 bed bug spray and other products employee a home-grown formula that its inventor, Sean Borg, claims is 100% biodegradable and is manufactured using only food grade coloring. Eucoclean’s products are free of any harmful chemicals including abrasives, bleach, and other solvents that are characteristic of other pest control solutions and the pest control industry in general.

The company also refuses to employ the use of animal bi-products, or test its products on animals, and the products are only aimed at eradicated a bed bug infestation.

All of Eucoclean’s products are completely free of harmful chemicals such as insecticides, pesticides, DDT, etc., making it one of the most environment friendly range of pest control products in the world. The company also boasts of its eco-friendly products being as, if not more effective that any of its chemical-laden counterparts.

Eucoclean is a 100% Australian owned company with its manufacturing base also in Australia. The company and its products are becoming one of the fasted growing startup businesses in the world, and has already established itself in the pest control business with its own local and international distribution networks.

Multi-purpose bug busting solution

Not only is EucoClean’s entire range of sprays and wipes natural and safe for your health and the environment, but this revolutionary range of products is shaking up the global pest control industry by providing the customer with a new way addressing a bed bug infestation. Eucoclean’s founder had originally formulated his formula to be just a simple bed bug exterminator, but soon discovered that his products had more than just one major use.

Eucoclean’s sprays can be used as a real-time alternative to chemical bleach or a basic disinfectant or even just as a simple air-freshener. And if you choose to believe it, Eucoclean’s sprays can even be used as a natural air-conditioning purifier. But for whatever purpose you use Eucoclean for, be assured that you’re buying the real deal!