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reporting lost social security card – An Overview

Identity theft is one of the most common crimes these days. Because there are numerous ways information can be stolen, it has a big number of victims. There are also several kinds of information these thieves are after. It could be your driver’s license, your ATM, your checkbook, your computer password or even your social security number.you could try these out misplaced social security cards.

In recent years, the social security number has become the de facto national identification number. It is necessary when you pay your taxes, open a bank account, apply for a credit card, apply for a loan or even to apply for a job. So it’s not surprising that identity thieves may be after your SS number.

One case of identity theft is about a man who lost his wallet but did not bother to report it. When it came the time to file for his income tax return, he was expecting a refund. Instead the IRS withheld his refund to pay for back taxes for additional income that he earned. Sadly though, he did not earn any additional income. Instead what happened was, the thief who got his wallet earned additional income on a job using his name and social security number.

On another case, a woman with no income lost her AFDC (Aid to Families with Dependent Children) benefit because a background check performed on her social security number showed that she has salary. Little did she know that her social number has been stolen, and someone got a job using her name and social security number.

Another case is about a man who was applying for unemployment benefits. This man was denied because based on the background check he is currently employed. Apparently someone in another city has been using his social security number for sometime now and was able to get a job using his information.

These are just some stories about people who has fallen victim to identity theft involving their social security numbers. Your social security number may be stolen by simply stealing your wallet, rummaging through your trash, hacking your computer, or making erroneous phone calls under the guise of an organization asking for your social number. Protect yourself from identity theft. Report anything stolen from you. Do not throw away bills or anything that may contain any personal information. Protect your computer from hackers and viruses. Do not give any sensitive information over the phone unless you are 100% sure you know who you are talking to.