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HID Headlight Bulbs-An Overview

If you drive a lot at night, you know how difficult it can be to see on those roads that are dimly lit. Especially in certain weather conditions like rain and fog, and the curvier the roads the more challenging. For many years, there was really nothing you could do to make it better. Cars are equipped with bright light option, but that isn’t always a good choice. Turning on the bright lights helped some on dark roads and in the rain, until there were oncoming cars. Then you would have to turn them off, a law in most states. If you were driving in the fog, halogen bright lights only made it worse! It seemed like the bright lights in foggy conditions threw them right back in your eyes, blinding you. This is how it’s been with the old style hid headlight bulbs.

However, the newest lighting out now, the HID headlights system is changing all that. Car manufacturers have been installing them in certain models of new cars for a few years now and they are also making HID headlights systems for aftermarket installation on older cars. With authorized dealerships trained to install these HID headlights in cars aftermarket, every car can have this better light system.

The HID bulb is better for driving conditions because it not only throws out light further ahead of the car, but wider from side to side as well as brighter. Replacing the old halogen way of lighting with a filament, HID bulbs function off a gas filled type system. That gas is sparked, in a matter of speaking, by using power it generates itself and less of the vehicles power while putting out a brighter light.

In the aftermarket arena, it was car enthusiast that fell in love with the HID bulbs first. Beyond this type of lighting making safer driving, they bring a look to a car that will make a show car stand out. Because they come in a variety of colors, a show car can be decorated not only inside the car with the dome and dash lights, but under the car as well.