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Natural Teeth whitening Foods 

There are many dentists that perform teeth whitening procedures on their patients. This type of cosmetic procedure is considered to be the most highly requested out of all the dental cosmetic services. On top of being the most requested, it is also the one procedure that patients will come back for – over and over again. It is no surprise to find that many dentists will share information on the types of foods, beverages, and other items that will cause staining on the teeth, but will not share information on the secret foods that naturally whiten the teeth!I strongly suggest you to visit natural whitening to learn more about this.

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We all know that beverages such as deep colored wines, teas, and coffee darken the teeth. Most dentists have informed us of the fact that if food or drinks have the capability of staining our clothes, they have the capability of staining our teeth. However, natural teeth whitening foods are often not the topic of conversation when discussing teeth whitening options. You should know that these secret teeth whitening foods do not possess the strength and overall effectiveness of professional teeth whitening or even the over-the-counter teeth whitening products, but they are effective and will compliment either in office or over-the-counter products nicely.

Many have discovered that rubbing strawberries over the teeth or creating toothpaste consisting of strawberries and baking soda with just a hint of peroxide is an effective means of lifting stains from the teeth. If you eat oranges, save the peels! Once you brush your teeth, you can simply wipe the teeth with the inside section of the orange peel to add a beautiful shine to your teeth! All those vegetables and even the fruits that have a “crunch” to them have the capability of whitening the teeth! Professional teeth whitening is often quite expensive and may result in side effects such as sensitivity in the teeth. If you want to whiten your teeth, using at home whitening kits combined with these secret foods will prove to be just as effective.