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Things To Know About Finishing Your Home with Antique Mirrors

There are many places that have antique mirrors for sale. A brief search on the internet will bring up a host of places to buy these antiques however while it’s a great place to start there are many more options. Antique shows are a great place to frequent! Not only are there antiques for sale on the day but they are attended by likeminded people. They can give invaluable advice on where to get information from and ideas about where to further your search. You can look in the local paper to find out when these shows are on or perhaps your museum will have a list of different fairs. Go ready to ask questions!Have a look at read this guide¬†for more info on this.

Garage sales and estate sales can be wonderful hunting grounds. Especially for those who love the thrill of the hunt, these places can hold undiscovered treasures. Many people have an ‘old’ mirror that they do not know is an antique and often it is at garage and estate sales that the keen eyed buyer can spot these mirrors amongst the items for sale. It does take a bit of work though. You may have to go through quite a few to find that treasure.

Antique stores are also an option. When dealing with these professional sellers you will generally pay more. Above the cost of the mirror they have overheads to cover and that reflects (ha ha) in the price. On the positive side you can have more confidence in the authenticity. Dealers have a wealth of experience and should be able to show you the particular aspects that show that authenticity.

Back to the internet briefly. Many dealers advertise and are easily found. You can use a site like Craigslist to find mirrors for sale in your area and on eBay you can specify sellers within a certain range from you home. Using it to buy from a long distance poses problems when it comes to inspection. If you are not totally sure of the seller and can’t inspect the mirror before purchase then be very wary. You may be buying a reproduction.

Once you know where to find these antique mirrors how will you recognize a genuine 100 plus year old antique from just an old beat up mirror? The answer is simply research and it’s another fun and interesting part of antiquing.

There are many great ways to get information on antique mirrors and as already mentioned one of those is an antique fair. The antiquing community is very open and there are always people who love to talk antiques and share information and generally you can find an ‘expert’ on any facet of antiquing!

The library is of course a wonderful source of excellent information. Reference books have very detailed information and pictures which are invaluable when you are trying to identify a particular antique mirror. There are plenty of books devoted just to mirrors so the search is not too difficult.

As you are going through antique stores speak with the owner and ask questions. Generally dealers are in the business because they have a passion for antiques and having made it their career they naturally have a wealth of information. Generally they are more than willing to share.
Also it pays to check out universities, museums, community colleges or recreation centers as they often run courses on identifying antiques. They are a great place to get solid information and a fun way to learn. Of course don’t forget the internet as a resource too. If you stick to websites by recognized antique dealers, libraries or museums you will know the information is reliable.

Knowing where to find antique mirrors for sale and then how to recognize them are two vital skills for the antique hunter. There are so many beautiful mirrors available and many unidentified treasure to find. Armed with knowledge and a sense of adventure a fabulous old mirror can be bought at a great price.