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What Does It Take To Install Vehicle Graphics

A vehicle graphic is a design that is applied to the exterior of an automobile. These highly artistic designs can be achieved at a portion of the cost to those found in professional high-end paint jobs. Usually a business looking to advertise in this method will hire a company that specializes in creating vehicle and fleet advertising campaigns.click here to read

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The large designs found on the side of RVs and trailers are well known examples of vehicle graphics, and current fads in the world of car customization have produced more contemporary designs. This new method of placing graphics on a vehicle will make a rolling billboard out of a company car, both simply and easily. The process of adding graphics to an automobile is comprised of the three main steps of design, print and installation.

Though some people continue to spend the high cost involved in having a professional paint job, most graphics today make use of vinyl application to limit the costs involved. Being the most difficult, yet important, part of the process to creating a graphic for a vehicle is the design stage. A business will often hire an outside company to create the design, and the style of the vehicle will certainly need to be taken into consideration. Recent innovations in vinyl backed adhesive, combined with new levels of durability in full-color ink, have resulted in the most cost effective advertising strategy available today.

Once the design process is finalized, vinyl panels are created and customized based on the templates that are made specifically for each vehicle. Involving large vinyl sheets, which are printed onto smaller panels for easier and quicker installation, most vehicle graphic installation companies have mastered the process they use. The use of quality inks and cast lamination are vital to ensuring that the graphics remain vibrant for many years to come.

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The panels are carefully and precisely aligned to ensure the greatest possible fit. A small heat gun like tool is used to position and stretch the vinyl, while a squeegee and an air release tool are used to remove all bubbles. Achieving a professional look, without the time and high expense involved with a custom paint job, is the whole goal of vehicle graphics, and the companies in the vehicle graphics business.

It is very clear how cost-effective a vehicle graphics advertising campaign is when compared to the costs a business will incur to advertise in the newspaper or on radio or television. This type of ad strategy will create lasting and positive impressions for a company’s brand identification process. Employing a successful vehicle graphics company will aid any company in the creation of a vehicle ad campaign.